Currently, there is no safe place in Gaza. Israel is attacking even areas it previously deemed “safe” from the north to the central and southern regions. It costs a considerable amount of money to pass through the Rafah checkpoint, the only exit from Gaza located at its southernmost point on the border with Egypt, and this amount is increasing day by day. People don’t really want to leave Gaza, but some families are seeking donations with a determination born out of the belief that staying would mean certain death. While the most desirable outcome would be an immediate ceasefire, the situation in Gaza is so dire that there is an urgent need to leave, even if just a second sooner.

Furthermore, Gaza is currently considered the most expensive place in the world, with essential goods scarce and wheat flour for bread, a staple food, being sold at about ten times its usual price. Some families are seeking donations to afford food and necessities to avoid starvation.

With even small donations from many people, it might be possible to overcome these difficulties. We kindly ask for your cooperation in ensuring that everyone can gather the necessary funds. Thank you for your support!


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We wanted to share an important update regarding our donation campaigns web page. After reflecting on our approach, we've decided to feature five campaigns on our site at a time, allowing us to focus our efforts and resources more effectively. Once a campaign reaches its goal, we'll rotate in a new one, ensuring continuous support for various campaigns. This adjustment aims to maximize impact and better serve every one's needs. Thank you for your ongoing support as we strive to make a difference together.

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